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In an ideal world, we should all keep a healthy smile from cradle to grey – and good care begins early!

Getting them into good dental hygiene habits early, ensuring they have regular check- ups with us and cleaning their teeth regularly twice a day for two minutes each time (in the morning and last thing at night) with a fluoride toothpaste are essential for keeping their smiles healthy.

Our family-friendly team has a wealth of experience ensuring a child’s first trip to the dentist is an enjoyable one.

We can even offer guidance on how to maintain your children’s oral health at home and offer tips on a tooth-friendly diet.

We advise you to book a dental appointment for your child the moment their first tooth appears or before they reach their first birthday – whichever comes first.

Our reassuringly calm environment is ideally suited to make their first experience at the dentist a positive one and our preventive pediatric dental care is tailored to suit all ages, from 0-18.

  • We dedicate our time to make children feel comfortable.
  • Provide gentle dental care in an environment they can trust.
  • We ensure parents feel confident in us caring for their children’s teeth and gums as they grow up.
  • We invite parents to bring their child with you to their next appointment so they get used to the sights, smells and sounds of a dental clinic.
  • We recommend children see one of our dentists before the age of one, or the moment they get their first tooth.

We also:

  • Place dental sealants (a protective coating) on children’s teeth to prevent tooth decay.
  • Offer teeth straightening options for teenagers.
  • Recommend regular hygiene appointments so they too can learn the importance of taking care of their smile at home – as well as with us.
  • Create tailor-made mouthguards for those more sporty offspring.

For those children who are a little less confident, we are happy to welcome them into the practice before their appointment so they can familiarise themselves with the sights and smells of a trip to the dentist – and even take a ride in our chair!

Book your child’s first appointment with us for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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