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Missing teeth can affect your appearance as well as how you’re your teeth function when speaking and eating.

You may have lost a tooth due to an injury, playing sport or even through illness or poor oral hygiene.

Even gaps hidden at the back of the mouth can impact negatively, causing teeth to shift and changing the shape of your face to make it appear older with sunken cheeks.

Missing teeth can greatly impact on our confidence, our quality of life and overall wellbeing – but ConfiDental is pleased to offer a number of treatments options to recreate your healthy smile.

What are the risks with missing teeth?

We recommend you replace missing teeth as soon as possible to prevent the surrounding teeth moving and avoid any stress put upon the remaining teeth.

Missing teeth may cause future problems with your bite and your speech.

It is also important to replace lost multiple teeth to avoid deterioration of your jawbone as well as to prevent changes in your facial shape.

Our made-to-measure options include:

A healthy mouth without gaps looks more aesthetically pleasing, functions properly and prevents further tooth loss.

If you are interested in bridging the gaps, contact us to arrange a consultation.

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