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What is six-month smiles?

A great smile can boost self-esteem. If you have misaligned front teeth that are hindering your then six-month smiles treatment is an option to fix your problem in roughly six months.  It is a teeth-straightening treatment that focuses on the cosmetic appearance of your front teeth rather than the position of your bite and teeth at the back of the mouth. As a result, you get quick results with minimum discomfort and gently moves your front teeth to a correct alignment.  So, if you are looking for fast and quick teeth straightening then visit your dentist and ask for the six-month smiles treatment.

The benefits of six-month smiles

The six-month smiles treatment is highly effective for those who are looking for fast results before any special occasion i.e wedding, etc. The following are the benefits of this treatment.

  • Very cost-effective treatment due to less time being needed
  • Comfortable
  • Fast results
  • Discreet appearance
  • Convenient treatment
  • It is for patients of all ages
  • Low force on teeth while moving them

Are you a good fit for six-month smiles?

Traditional braces take 18-36 months to align your teeth perfectly. While the six-month smiles treatment does it in approximately six months. So, if you have misaligned teeth, or gaps between them and are tempted by this treatment then should keep in mind the following elements.

  • You are a grown adult or in later teenage years
  • Do not have a severe underbite, overbite, or crossbite problem
  • Have only mild to moderate crowded teeth, crowding, or gaps

If a special occasion for you is coming then it is better you can go for this treatment. However, your dentist will determine whether this is a suitable option for you.

What to expect before and during six month smiles treatment?

When you have decided to get your teeth aligned in six months and visit your dentist then the following may happen.

  1. The dentist will examine your mouth thoroughly and also discuss your dental history. If needed they may need an X-ray.
  2. Once it has been determined that you are a good fit for the six-months smile treatment then  digital 3D impressions will be taken and photographs
  3. The impressions will be sent to the laboratory for the preparation of the aligner trays that will help in fixing braces accurately
  4. You will then need to visit the dentist again to put on the clear braces. The dentist will once completely clean your teeth before wearing your aligners.
  5. After that, brackets will be placed and glued to your front teeth and tooth-coloured archwire will be threaded through each bracket
  6. The aftercare instructions will be given to you and emailed

What to expect after six month smiles treatment?

When the braces are placed, you may feel a little discomfort for the first two days. However, it will improve when your teeth adapt and get used to wearing these braces. With all the six-month smiles treatment, the following will be expected.

  1. Lips soreness for the first 1-2 weeks due to friction from the braces
  2. Visit the dentist regularly to assess your progress approximately every 6 weeks
  3. Avoid foods that hard, chewy, or sticky
  4. Do not use highly coloured foods
  5. Brush your teeth regularly
  6. Floss your teeth at least once a day
  7. Use retainers long term after braces are removed to get the best results

How much does six-month smiles treatment cost?

This treatment costs less than traditional braces that are used for teeth straightening. On average, the six-month smiles treatment cost between £1,350 and £3500 depending on whether one jaw or two are being treated.  Dental finance options are also available to spread the monthly costs.

The six-month smiles treatment is a fast way to align your front teeth and achieve the desired smile.  If you feel this option may work for you and want to know more then book an appointment with our Cosmetic dentists and ask for the six-month smiles treatment on 02083991291.

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