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What is teeth straightening?

Traditional braces are still a very popular option for straightening the teeth in children. These braces work by applying constant pressure to a child’s teeth, gradually pushing them into the proper place over time. Apart from traditional teen braces, clear braces are also available that are less noticeable.  Sometimes, it is important to apply braces earlier than normal as this can help reduce further crowding issues later.  Therefore, if your child has crowded or compromised teeth then visit your dentist for an early assessment.

The benefits of teeth straightening

Teen braces do not just straighten your child’s teeth but also improve their overall health. The following are the benefits of straightening a child’s teeth.

  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • Prevent other complex dental issues
  • Prevent jaw pain and headache
  • Improved digestion
  • Better speech
  • Help them chew their food easily
  • Improve general health
  • Restore children’s beautiful smile
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve oral hygiene
  • Affordable treatment

The different ways we can straighten your teeth

Whenever you think of straightening out your kid’s teeth, the first thing that comes to mind is probably braces. There are several options including braces that can straighten your child’s teeth quite easily. The following are the major ways of teen teeth straightening.

  • Braces: It is the most common, traditional, and popular way to straighten out the teeth of people of all ages. There are several types of braces, however, metal teen braces are most common for kids. Braces normally consist of a metal wire, brackets, archwire, bonding material, and ligature elastic. Ceramic braces can also be used to treat misaligned teeth. Teen braces continuously apply pressure on teeth over a period and push the teeth in a specific direction.
  • Invisalign: The most aesthetic kind of braces you can find for your child is Invisalign. These are clear plastic aligners without any wires and are least noticeable. However, Invisalign is more effective if your child has minor/moderate teeth alignment issues.
  • Tooth Extraction:  Sometimes extracting a single tooth can solve some of your child’s dental problems. When a baby tooth is extracted, it creates space for permanent teeth to grow properly in place.
  • Myobrace: This treatment involves a series of appliances that serve dual functions – rectifying habits that cause poor dental development and providing light forces to help align the teeth properly. Your child just needs to wear Myobrace appliances for an hour or two every day and overnight.
  • Retainers: These do not move teeth but maintain the position of teeth.  These are developed and moulded to fit your child’s teeth after wearing help to keep the teeth in place. Retainers are usually recommended to be put on after brace treatment is complete to get the best results.

What to expect before and during orthodontic treatment?

When you opt for teeth straightening treatment, expect the following stages to be needed:

  1. The dentist will carefully examine your child’s mouth and discuss their dental history with you to determine treatment.
  2. If you decide on metal braces then they will be fitted onto your child’s teeth.  Materials used are; adhesive and orthodontic brackets, bands, and archwires to move the teeth
  3. For Invisalign, 3D impressions will be taken to prepare aligners in the laboratory that can be properly fitted on your child’s teeth
  4. If the dentist suggests extracting a tooth then your child will be referred to our friendly general dentists.
  5. Retainers are provided at the end of the treatment by taking digital 3D impressions to prepare a custom-fit retainer for your child’s mouth.  Fixed wires may also be recommended to retain the teeth in their new position.

What to expect after your teeth straightening treatment?

Once the treatment is started, there may be a little discomfort because of braces, or any other devices that have been put on his teeth. The following is advised after the treatment has started.

  1. Mild redness, swelling, and soreness
  2. Take prescribed medication if needed
  3. Avoid eating hard, and colourful foods
  4. Avoid sticky foods like sweet
  5. Brush your teeth regularly
  6. Floss once a day
  7. Visit the dentist regularly for follow up check-ups

How much does teen teeth straightening cost?

The cost of teeth straightening in children and teens varies for each case and depends on the nature of the treatment. However, on average, the cost of teeth straightening ranges between £1750 and £4500.

Straightening children’s teeth at a very early age can prevent many severe dental diseases. Therefore, if your child has misaligned teeth, book an appointment with our friendly team now and see what we can do to reach your child’s full dental potential.

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