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Teeth are designed to last us a lifetime and our team prides itself on delivering gold standard preventative dental care and helping you look after your teeth and gums.

We’d rather not extract a tooth but, unfortunately, sometimes circumstances dictate that a tooth needs to come out.
It might be due to incident or disease or if you require the creation of space prior to orthodontic treatment.

Or a wisdom tooth may need to be removed because it is impacted and causing pain.

Wisdom teeth – also know as third molars – are located at the back of the mouth and usually appear in late teens or early 20s.

Sometimes wisdom teeth erupt and cause overcrowding, infections, ear pain, and swelling.

Without room to fully develop, wisdom teeth may become impacted and grow in the wrong direction, putting pressure on your existing teeth and making gums and teeth more susceptible to disease.

When might I need a tooth taken out?

  • An accident or trauma in which the tooth has been fractured
  • Infection
  • Extensive decay
  • Loose Teeth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Crowded mouth
  • Before teeth-straightening treatment

If there is any swelling, infection in or around the tooth, or significant pain, please contact us immediately.

Our gentle approach to dentistry will ensure that your extraction is well managed without impacting negatively on the health of the rest of your mouth.

We offer comfortable and fast tooth extraction and can also offer sedation for those who may be nervous.

Your comfort is important to us and, whilst it may be possible to manage pain, we will advise if circumstances require that it is best to extract.

Our preventive approach to dentistry is designed to ensure that your dental development is well managed and that you keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.

However, we will recommend extraction if keeping a tooth is likely to impact negatively on the health of the rest of your mouth.

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