White Fillings

What Is a White Filling?

White fillings are an alternative type of filling to the traditional silver fillings.  Many people prefer this alternative type of filling as they look more natural and don’t want to feel conscious about the way the silver fillings look when they smile.  At Confidental Clinic in Surbiton we provide white fillings to our patients using the latest materials producing fantastic results.

Traditionally white fillings were thought to be weaker than amalgam silver fillings and did not last as long.  Advances in the quality of these materials along with latest techniques can now help produce very durable and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.  The life expectancy of fillings depends on many factors such as the size of the filling, how heavy the biting forces are and where the filling is in the mouth. Generally, these fillings on average last about 8-10 years.

Can I have my silver fillings replaced?

Yes.  However, your dentist will advise you if this is appropriate or not in your own individual case.  If not suitable you will be offered other alternatives such as a cosmetic crown or inlay where appropriate.  Your dentist will give you a treatment plan and then arrange the appointment needed to commence treatment.  The silver fillings are carefully removed usually under local anaesthetic and the white fillings are placed in layers.  Each layer is set and polished and the bite is checked to make it fits comfortably.

White fillings can be placed anywhere but in some situations, we may recommend crowns or inlays where it may not be suitable to place a white filling or achieve the desired outcome.  Your dentist will advise you of the best choice in these situations.  Our dentists at Confidental Clinic Surbiton have been highly trained in providing white fillings as alternatives to dental amalgam and have pursued advanced courses at home and abroad.  With this, and our dedication to using the latest and best quality materials, we can produce some outstanding results for your teeth.


When Do I need White fillings?

White fillings are provided in situations where you are unhappy with the appearance of any existing fillings or with any chipped or broken front teeth. Dental white fillings are bonded to the teeth in a conservative approach and therefore reducing the amount of natural tooth structure that is removed and is more cost effective than crowns or veneers although not as strong.

White fillings can also be used to replace silver amalgam fillings which can look unsightly or for larger cavities on back teeth.

What are the alternatives to White Fillings?

The alternatives vary depending on the location in the mouth. For front teeth, the options are crowns and veneers although in most cases white fillings are preferred as they are healthier because they involve less removal of tooth structure.

For back teeth, the alternatives are silver amalgam fillings or for larger cavities inlay or crowns are recommended as they give the tooth additional strength.

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