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30 March 2016

Act quickly to avoid further dental treatment

At our Surbiton dentist we are always pleased to provide our patients with as much information as possible, because it leads to a transparent and professional dental service from us. The more informed you are the better, which is why we wanted to give you a bit more information about one of the most common general dentistry treatments we provide at our Surbiton dental clinic – fillings.

We understand that fillings aren’t particularly fun to have, but they are really important. Some patients don’t like having them done, and so consider not having them even though we have recommended the treatment.

So to be clear, avoiding fillings is not a good idea; indeed it is actually a really bad idea! We may well tell you that we are keeping an eye on a certain tooth that might not yet need a filling, but if we have told you that you need a filling, it is because you have a permanent cavity that needs attention quickly.

How You Get A Cavity

Cavities are formed when you get tooth decay which has developed over time. Your tooth decays because the conditions in the mouth enable the bacteria harmful to teeth, to thrive. When we brush our teeth we get rid of this nasty bacteria which is why a good dental hygiene regime is important.

Consuming a high amount of sugary and acidic drink and food will contribute to the amount of ‘bad’ bacteria we have in the mouth. The bacteria and acid in the mouth erode the tooth enamel which protect the tooth underneath and you get a cavity when the enamel has been worn down permanently.

The Consequences Of Not Getting A Filling

Once you get a cavity, you won’t be able to reverse the damage that has been done. No amount of brushing will bring the part of the tooth you have lost, back. The tooth will continue to get more and more damaged, and then eventually you might need root canal treatment, or possibly even tooth extraction. So although having a filling isn’t much fun, having fillings if your Surbiton dentist recommends them, will prevent you needing further work. You will save time, money and more invasive treatments.

Why You Might Avoid Having Fillings Done

Some patients avoid having fillings done because they are nervous about dental treatment. We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that dental technology is extremely advanced now and the procedure is minimally invasive, quick and as comfortable as possible for the patient. We are specially trained to help patients with dental anxiety, and we have lots of gentle ways to help patients get the treatments they need. Although it might be slightly worrying, and cost you in the short term, in the long term, having fillings when you need them helps you avoid more invasive treatments and much more expensive work later on.

Book Yourself Into Confidental, Surbiton

If you think you need fillings, or you’re due a checkup, or you simply want to register at a new dentists, please call us on 02083991291 and we will be more than happy to help you.

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