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21 June 2019

Look after your gums for a healthy and attractive smile.

Most of us will have been told to clean our teeth when younger. Probably though, fewer will have been told to clean their gums as well. This is unfortunate as gum health is just as important as looking after our teeth and, if neglected, can even lead to tooth loss over time.

Gum disease is not uncommon, and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as sore or bleeding gums and bad breath. It is also relatively easily treated in its early stages but if allowed to develop, will start to damage the bone that holds our teeth in position. At this stage a more extensive treatment, a ‘deep clean’, will likely be needed. For some though, even this procedure may come too late and tooth loss may be unavoidable.

Healthy gums

Ensuring that your gums are healthy is not especially difficult and just requires care and attention when cleaning your teeth and gums at home. This should include flossing if you do not already do so, combined with regular dental supervision and cleaning. An excellent way for our Surbiton patients to improve the health of their gums, and mouth in general, is to book an appointment with our dental hygienist. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss any oral health issues that you might have, and to learn more about how you can  improve the way that you keep your teeth and gums clean.

In addition to this, the hygienist will offer a thorough clean which removes any hardened bacteria (also known as tartar), which often builds up in areas that patients find difficult to keep clean. With healthier gums, you increase the chances of keeping your own teeth for a very long time, possibly throughout your whole life.


Healthy gums certainly contribute to an attractive smile but disease can lead to gum recession, as can other factors such as aggressive brushing. Whilst this problem is largely avoidable, a small number of patients also suffer from what is sometimes called a ‘gummy smile’ which is where the gum line extends lower down on the teeth than is usual.

This issue is not caused by dental problems and is often genetic, but can be resolved by the Confidental dentists in Surbiton. Using a fine laser, your gums can be shortened and shaped to leave you with an even and attractive gum line and an enhanced smile. Once completed, your gums will not regrow and your new, enhanced appearance should be permanent.

To discover more about our gum contouring treatment, or to take the first steps towards heaving healthier teeth and gums, why not arrange an initial consultation at our Surbiton dental practice by calling us on 020 8399 1291.

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